What is the cost of administering the NSA?

There are two mandatory costs associated with giving the National Spanish Assessments (NSA): (1) cost per teacher and (2) cost per student.


Cost per Teacher. All teachers administering the NSA must be current members of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), the sponsoring organization of the NSA. 


To join AATSP, visit (Click here for Benefits of Joining AATSP.)  The cost to join the AATSP is $45 for new members.  Membership dues thereafter are $65 / year.


Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes.  For the NSA, teachers may enroll students for any level of exam.  Unlike the National Spanish Examinations (NSE), the level of the National Spanish Assessments (NSA) does not need to match the level of the course in which the student is currently enrolled.


NOTE: To ensure that students are enrolled in the registering teacher's class at the correct level, the NSE national office reserves the right to request that each participating teacher submit an official class list signed by an administrator.


Cost per Student. Each school pays a $3 fee per examination. This fee includes the opportunity to take all four modules of the NSA at two different points in the school year.  (That’s a total of eight (8) exams for $3.)


Cost per school / district. Schools requiring additional forms (such as vendor packets, affidavits, notarized or other legal documents) will be charged an additional processing fee. The amount of the processing fee is determined by the complexity of the documentation required and is generally between $25 and $50.


The NSE is sponsored by a non-profit organization and cannot absorb of the cost of completing additional documentation required by some school districts.


NOTE: All invoices must be paid before usernames and passwords can be sent out.



Refund Policy



Once a teacher submits his/her registration or updated registration to Quia, the company that hosts NSA’s online exam, the teacher is obligated to pay for the students registered. Quia automatically charges a fee to set up that teacher’s online account and to assign a username and password for each teacher registered. Because the NSE is sponsored by a non-profit organization, it cannot absorb the cost of allowing deletions, partial deletions or of issuing refunds.




No refunds will be issued for any products since, once these products have reached the consumer, they can be easily copied or duplicated.