What is the NSA?

What are the National Spanish Assessments?


What are the National Spanish Assessments (NSA)?


The National Spanish Assessments (NSA) are online, standardized assessment tools which test both achievement and proficiency via computer-graded and rater-graded modules for students studying the Spanish language and are administered by the National Spanish Examinations (NSE), a program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). 


The NSA were created in 2018 and are written from the same specifications and standards as the National Spanish Exam (NSE). Like the NSE, the NSA are valid and reliable assessments of student achievement and proficiency.

However, the NSA are not a contest.


* Teachers do not need to register students for specific levels for the NSA. Any students registered will have access to all six levels that include all modules of the exam. Determining the appropriate assessment module to administer should be decided by the teacher and the student.

* Students may take multiple levels if desired.




The National Spanish Assessments are comprised of modules:

  • Each module can be administered separately. 
  • Teachers may administer only the modules which they choose.
  • Modules 1 through 4 can be administered twice and at different points in the year to show growth.
  • Modules 1 through 4 take approximately 20 minutes each to complete.

For more details about the content & format of the NSA, click here.





The purpose of the National Spanish Assessments (NSA) is:

- To promote proficiency in interpretive, presentational and interpersonal communication

- To assess the national standards as they pertain to learning Spanish

- To measure student growth during the learning process

- To provide several options for testing different skills 





Teachers state that they use the National Spanish Assessments to, "Prepare students to take other standardized tests such as AP, IB, SAT II and college placement exams."


Administrators state that they can use data from the National Spanish Assessments to, "Create reports to show how their schools have improved over an academic year.





The mission of the National Spanish Assessments (NSA) is to promote language proficiency and to recognize student achievement in the study of Spanish.


The National Spanish Examinations (NSE) and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) are committed to providing teachers with assessment tools and offering students opportunities to know their proficiency ratings in reading, writing, listening, and speaking!